Steve’s Journey


Steve Little has more than 35 years of experience in the Direct Sales and Network Marketing Profession. He has set numerous sales and recruiting records throughout his career while earning over $13,000,000 in commissions. His efforts have resulted in the recruiting, development and training of well in excess of 350,000 Sales Representatives. His efforts in Network Marketing have created well in excess of one billion ($1,000,000,000+) in sales revenue.

In 1980, Steve entered the Network Marketing Profession at age 19, becoming involved with A.L. Williams. Today, that same company is known as Primerica.


During his time with Primerica, the company recruited approximately 2,000,000 people. Steve had the distinction of setting many different records within the company. At the time he joined Primerica, the youngest individual to ever reach the position of Regional Vice-President was 34 years old. Steve accomplished that promotion at age 21, becoming the youngest ever RVP. He was also the youngest ever Senior Vice-President at age 24 and the youngest National Sales Director at age 27. He was earning over $100,000 per year by age 22 (youngest ever) and over $200,000 at age 24 (again, youngest ever).

NEW-Steve-Little-National-Sales-Director-AL-WilliamsSteve resigned from Primerica (A.L. Williams) when he was 31 years old to explore other opportunities, primarily in the Network Marketing world.

As he reflects back on those days, he sees Primerica as a marvelous training ground. It was like the Green Berets of Network Marketing. Each and every person recruited went through a licensing process, often in both insurance and securities. Comparing it to other ventures, it was a very slow build.

After leaving Primerica with 11 years of tremendous success, Steve worked with several different companies in the field and with many companies from a consulting perspective inside their corporate offices. Steve is an expert in the Direct Sales and Network Marketing business. He has been extensively involved in all phases of building and developing many successful companies. He has developed large sales and marketing teams in the areas of financial services, technology, travel, and health and wellness. Steve has built teams of 10,000+ representatives five different times.

In 1997, Steve was the Co-Founding Distributor at I-Link, a telecommunications company. He had a core group of about seven individuals. From that core group, they recruited more than 30,000 representatives and 300,000 customers during the first 12 months. His best month with that company was over $60,000 in personal earnings.


The Founders Award is the most prestigious award one can be given within SOZO.

For many years, Steve has been a featured speaker training people from all over the world, covering diverse topics such as recruiting, sales management, leadership, personal development, and peak performance. His high-energy delivery and ability to motivate others have enhanced the lives of many thousands of people throughout the United States.


In late 2005, Steve helped launch a Network Marketing travel company. Steve had the distinction of being the #1 income earner every month he was involved with that company from inception until the day he left. His last four years with the company, his personal earnings were in excess of $1,000,000 each year. Upon leaving in 2011, his team consisted of over 150,000 representatives. Also at that time, 9 out of the top 10 earners were on his team.


In early 2012, Steve engaged with an established health and nutrition company. Very soon after joining, he had the distinction of being the #1 earner. During his time there, he built a team that was #1 within the company from every category, including leading the company in international expansion. Steve maintained his #1 ranking until he recently left.

Steve decided to “go all in” one more time to assist in bringing a powerhouse financial services company onto the scene. This company is participating in a massive trend rarely seen in well-established industries, let alone one that is 200 years old. The company has wisely chosen to let the entrepreneurial individual have the opportunity to leverage their income by attracting other successful individuals to further expand the company. Steve is presently assembling a phenomenal leadership team from all across the nation to help develop this company and reap the rewards of building something incredible. If you’d like to know more, please fill out the “Contact Steve” section on this site.